Alfredo Alvarez Aquitania

February 20, 1948 ~ August 2, 2023

Alfredo Alvarez Aquitania

Alfredo Alvarez Aquitania was born February 20, 1948 in Sampaloc Manila Philippines to Quirino Yco Aquitania & Magdalena Alvarez Aquitania.  The third child of four, he grew up in a loving and religious household.  He was altar boy at a young age and with his charismatic personality made friends easily. An avid swimmer and an even bigger basketball lover, he was a regular at the neighborhood court.  He found out that a local church was struggling to put together a basketball team.  He recruited his friends to join, but they were reluctant.  The natural salesman with the ability to sway, he was able to change their minds and helped put together the team.  He was a boy scout, member of the YMCA and was part of the ROTC where he quickly rose up the ranks.  He boasted about their many activities, acts of community service the day he won the revolver assembling and disassembling contest.  His record time still stands today.  He loved being part of the ROTC and longed to protect and serve.  Uniquely, he attended Arellano University from kindergarten through college and for this reason he received the schools’ loyalty award for being the first student to achieve the honor.  In 1969, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

He met his, wife, Susan Bernadette Garcia Nuguid Aquitania early in his life.  As it turned out he fell in love with the girl, okay maybe not next door but, across the street.  After going out only on two dates, they got married on August 20, 1967.  As a young husband, he was a great provider.   He had to hustle because jobs were hard to find.  Quickly he saved enough to and add a small one-bedroom unit to his parent’s house, where he and Susan began their lives together.  It was a humble beginning, but a happy one.  That was when he truly realized the value of higher education, so despite having to work full time, he continued to go to school until he received his degree.

Soon their small family grew with the additions of Grace, Gloria, Gerby John.   Unfortunately, after less than two months, his son Gerby John passed away of a heart complication.  They moved to Angono Rizal, where the baby of the family, Gerald joined the family.  It was a distance away from his parents, but he never lost touch with them.  He visited them once a week with Susan and the children and by himself when he was in Manila on business.

As a father, he was loving, kind, supportive and always encouraged family unity.  He was at his happiest when the family spent time together.  Despite his busy working schedule, he made time to be there for their countless recitals, parades, competitions, volleyball, basketball, tennis, wrestling, badminton and football games.  He nurtured a close relationship with his children and loved to travel with them.  His favorite vacation was back in 2014.  They went back to the Philippines for his father-in-law’s 90th Birthday / family reunion.  He wanted his kids to see where he grew up and was proud to share the beauty of his homeland.  A true advocate of togetherness, he always live close to his children so they can see each other as much as possible..

He wanted to be a police officer, but realized that it was a dangerous course to pursue.  As a beloved father, he couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving Susan with three young children.  He worked odd jobs until he was able to start a fishing farm.  Soon he added his next business venture and called it ACE, (AKA) Aquitania’s Commercial Enterprises, where he provided printing services.  He relied heavily on his ability to network and make friends to grow the business.  He joined multiple clubs like Jaycee, Philippine Motor Association, Alay Dugo (A non-profit with a focus Blood Donation Drives), Lions Club and became President of the housing subdivision twice.  He knew that meeting new people would open up doors for him and it did.  Eventually, he networked himself to be the sole provider of paper products for the National Bank of the Philippines.  On weekends, he brought his family to the fishing farm.  There he had a small hut on the water where he took them to play, swim and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With his flourishing business he lived comfortably, but he often thought about what the future might hold.  Living in a third world country, however comfortable, presented its challenges.  He was not concerned for himself, but for his children and their future.  He knew that for them to have a real chance at a fulfilling life, he had to go where there were opportunities.  He set his eyes on America.  He calculatedly gambled away his financial security and life luxuries in search of a safe and stable life.  In the early ‘80s family immigrated to the United States.  Initially landing in California, but moved quickly to Virginia after a relative offered him a job.  He worked two minimum wage jobs and still struggled to make ends meet.  Reluctantly and after over 10 years of being a stay home mom, he had to ask Susan to help by entering the job force.  This was an extreme change from the title of prestigious business owner to a janitor and cashier overnight.  For Alfredo, it was worth the chance of giving his children a hopeful future.

After a while, he realized that Norfolk Virginia offered little in the terms of careers.  He and Susan decided to move back to California.  There they lived with relatives and was lucky that they found jobs easily.  After a few years of saving money, he was able to purchase a home with help for close family.  It was proud day when became a home owner again.  He had a job, but the dream of owning his own business again lit a fire in him.  Soon he was able to partner with Rey Mercado where they opened a Law Office together.  He kept his 9 to 5 job until the Law Office was well established.  But for Alfredo, it wasn’t enough.  He had idle hands and a lot of time.  He still had the desire to serve and protect and often thought about the family and friends that he left behind.  He was concerned about the people of his native country and wanted to help free them from the presidential tyranny.  While the Filipinos fought to oust Marcos back home, Fred took an active role in bringing light to the fight in the United States.  He was one of only several who broke into the San Francisco Philippine Consulate office while the people in the Philippines busted through the gates the Malacanan Palace, the official residence of the then President Marcos.  He was heavily involved with Ninoy Aquino Movement as a member and the eventually held Vice-President position in the Bay Area Chapter.  He traveled the world attending conferences always searching for better quality of life for his native countrymen   Years after, he was at the Inauguration of Benigno Aquino, the son of National Hero Ninoy Aquino.  Later, Fred opened “Bagel Express”, a small bagel store in Danville, CA.  The business grew and stores expanded to San Francisco, Concord and Pleasanton.   He worked tirelessly to provide for his family, but he still had the desire to see the world.  Slowly he sold off his stores, so he can finally enjoy the fruits of his labor.


As a retiree he loved to gamble.  Once a week you can find him at a poker table at Cache Creek or Thunder Valley Casinos.  When he won, he hid his money all over and in the oddest of places.  Often tightly folded hundred, fifty- or twenty-dollar bills fell out of pockets and were found under the floor mats in the car, inside his shoes and in the lining of a garment that he’s not worn in years.  Susan, the dutiful wife, picked up after him and when she “accidentally” found a stash, his well-earned winnings became community property.  He simply enjoyed playing and his favorite shows to watch were World Poker Tour Tournaments on You Tube.  Every now and again he found time to see the world.  He and Susan travelled to some of the most romantic places in Europe, like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Belgium and the Netherlands in addition to exotic places like Turkey, Jordan, Israel, China, Thailand Malaysia and Vietnam.  Locally he frequented, Hawaii, Mexico and the western part of the United States.

He lived his life to the fullest and always put his family first. He and Susan often said that their lifelong dream were to buy land large enough to accommodate four homes, one for them and one each for his children.  The idea being that they can see each other every day.  He truly believed in family unity and would’ve been happy to spend his final years just enjoying quality time with them.  The true apples of his eyes were his granddaughters Victoria and Sarah.  He was there for them through every milestone and spoiled them rotten.  He just couldn’t get enough time them.  Unlike other families, he was blessed with loving in-laws, Bobby Lau, Maria Cristina Aquitania and Chuck White.   The them he was a true friend.

On August 2, 2023, God called upon Alfredo to join him in the Kingdom of Heaven.  He is survived by his wife, Susan Bernadette Nuguid Aquitania, daughters Grace Aquitania Lau and Gloria Aquitania White, son Gerald, Nuguid Aquitania son-in-law Bobby Lau, daughter-in-law Maria Cristina Aquitania, granddaughter Victoria Lau and Sarah Lau, brother Lauro Alvarez Aquitania, sister-in-law Laurie Aquitania and nephews, Lawrence Aquitania, Jimmy Aquitania and niece Lea Aquitania Mutuc along countless lifelong friends.  Rest in Peace Alfredo.