Request for Qualifications

Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services of the Diocese of Sacramento (CFCS), a non-profit corporation, is requesting Statements of Qualification for a variety of products and services to be supplied throughout the greater Sacramento and Vallejo areas.

Our Cemeteries are open 7 days per week from 7:30am to 5:00pm. And our Funeral Centers are open Monday through Saturday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Please feel free to visit any site at your convenience.

Statements of Qualification will be reviewed and responded to as they are received.

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    1.0 Introduction

    Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services of the Diocese of Sacramento, Inc. (CFCS) is a non-profit corporation operating cemeteries and funeral centers throughout the Diocese of Sacramento. CFCS currently operates eleven (11) active cemeteries and four (4) funeral centers located from Grass Valley to Vallejo and Colusa to Rio Vista. CFCS is a growing organization with a variety of service and supply needs.

    CFCS is creating vendor lists to be used for all future solicitations of good and services. Respondents to this request for qualifications will be vetted and if deemed qualified, by product or trade, will be placed on our vendor lists. Any vendor may request to be qualified at any time regardless of past qualification status or submittal.

    2.0 Purpose of this RFQ

    2.1 CFCS seeks to identify qualified vendors within our service area as described in Section 1 who meet the following requirements, in general:

    2.2 Responding to this RFQ is not a guarantee of acceptance by CFCS or future participation in Requests for Proposals or Bids.

    3.0 General Scope of Services

    The goods and services anticipated by this RFQ are included in the following categories. Specifics for each category can be found in Attachment B; Service and Product Subcategories.

    3.1 Services

    3.2 Supplies

    4.0 Responding to This RFQ with Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)

    4.1 In response to this RFQ, the vendor’s statement of qualifications (SOQ) should clearly and accurately demonstrate specialized knowledge and experience required for consideration.

    4.1.1 Cover letter. A cover letter, signed by the owner or designated representative, including:

    4.1.2 Description of Products and/or Services

    Provide a description of the products and/or services that you supply and any associated guarantees or warranties that you offer. You may include information about your supply chain, location of product manufacturing, location of service staff, etc. Please include any features that make your or your product unique and the potential best value for CFCS.

    Do not exceed 3 pages.

    4.1.3 Quality Assurance

    Describe your company’s processes and procedures as they relate to ensuring high quality products and/or services. Describe the levels of authority in your company as they relate to resolving quality issues, when and if they arise.

    Do not exceed 1 page.

    4.1.4 References

    Provide three (3) current or past customer references that have been provided with similar products and/or services within the past 5 years. Include the customers contact information, a description of the products and/or services provided and how long you have been providing products or services to the customer.

    4.1.5 Samples of Products and/or Services

    This section is optional. Provide sample descriptions, specifications, fliers, photos, etc. of products and/or services that you provide. This is intended only to provide CFCS is a visual representation of your products or services.

    Do not exceed 5 pages.

    4.1.6 Vendor Record Form

    Complete the Vendor Record Form (Attachment A)

    4.2 Responsive SOQs should provide straightforward, concise information that satisfies the requirements specified. Emphasis should be on brevity, conformity to instructions as specified in this RFQ, and clarity of content.

    5.0 SOQ Submission Procedure

    5.1 SOQs may be submitted via mail, hand delivery or via email to: CFCS, Attn: Dianne Huynh, 2110 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818 Or

    5.2 Prospective service providers may submit questions to CFCS via e-mail to Please indicate the Category of interest in the subject line. Contact with the CFCS shall be made only via this e-mail. A request for verbal communication may be made via email and will be evaluated by CFCS for appropriateness. No verbal communication by either party will be deemed as binding.

    5.3 All notices, clarifications, and addenda to this RFQ will be posted at Please monitor this site for all information regarding this RFQ; CFCS is not responsible for sending individual notification of changes or updates. It is the sole responsibility of the prospective product and/or service providers to remain apprised of changes to the RFQ.

    6.0 Selection Process

    6.1 When a need for products or services arises, CFCS will refer to the SOQs received in response to this Request for Qualifications and, based on current project needs, will send a Request for Proposal or a Request for Quote to those companies deemed by CFCS to be responsive and qualified.

    6.2 CFCS will evaluate SOQs and respond to each company with our determination within 10 working days of receiving the SOQ. CFCS reserves the right to request additional information from companies for evaluation and consideration.

    6.3 CFCS reserves the right to solicit and accept additional SOQs for any product or service at any point in time.