The established guidelines provide opportunities for families to decorate the resting places of loved ones while ensuring safe and consistent maintenance of the cemetery. Below are examples of allowed and prohibited items and practices. The guideline provides general direction to families to cover most situations.

Approved Decorations

  • Flowers in the cemetery provided vases. 
  • Potted plants and figurines on memorial. 
  • Solar lights placed at the edge of memorial. 
  • Decorations less than 18″ high.

Prohibited Decorations

  • Fencing, rocks, and physical barriers. 
  • Potted plants and figurines on the grass. 
  • Solar lights surrounding the grave 
  • Decorations exceeding 18″ high. 
  • Balloons or glass objects.

Prohibited, broken, or hazardous items will be removed and disposed of at the Cemetery's discretion and without notice to families. Wilted or dried flowers will be removed. The Cemetery is not responsible for lost, blown, or stolen items under any circumstance, and the Cemetery reserved the right to remove any items at any time for any reason.