The Cathedral of Christ the Light Memorial Wall

Memorialize loved ones by adding their names to the cenotaph at the Cathedral of Christ the Light.

The Cathedral of Christ the Light Memorial WallThe inspiring Cathedral of Christ the Light includes a special place within its mausoleum to memorialize and remember family and friends. There is a crystal cenotaph wall especially created to memorialize loved ones. A cenotaph is a memorial, remote from the actual place of burial. It provides a unique opportunity for families to be a part of the spiritual center of our community as well as have a place to gather for generations to come.

The cenotaph itself is made up of beveled crystal panes where a single individual or a family can be remembered. Above the cenotaph is inscribed “For Your Faithful People, O Lord, Life Has Changed Not Ended.”

Download the Cathedral of Christ the Light Memorial Wall

 Cathedral Memorial Wall FAQs

What is a cenotaph?

A cenotaph is a memorial to an individual or group of people whose remains are interred elsewhere. Its origin lies in the Greek language and literally means “empty tomb.” Perhaps, the most well known and striking cenotaph is the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC.

Where is the cenotaph?

The cenotaph is located in the Cathedral Mausoleum in one of four locations between marble and glass niches.

How large of an inscription can I have?

Each inscription is contained within a 1 inch by 5 inch space. The beveled glass will bear the full name, birth date and death date of the one being memorialized.

What about the Remembrance Program at the Cathedral?

The cenotaph is a wonderful memorial opportunity for families who choose to utilize the All Souls Remembrance Program. This program allows individuals to have their cremated remains placed in our All Souls Remembrance Crypt at no charge.

How can I arrange to have my loved one memorialized?

You can arrange to have a cenotaph inscription at the Cathedral at any CFCS location including the Cathedral Mausoleum.