Tax Deduction Program

Save on your taxes and help the community.

cfcs_tax_imageOur tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization allows you the opportunity to receive a tax deduction on many of our cemetery locations. CFCS assigns a burial right value to each crypt or niche and the amount paid over this is the charitable donation. The program functions in a manner similar to a charitable dinner: you buy a $100 dinner ticket and the value of the meal is not deductible as a donation; however, the amount over the value of the dinner is deductible. So if the meal cost $35 then you have a $65 donation. Ask a Family Service Advisor today about how you can receive a deduction on your taxes.

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Tax Deduction Program FAQs

What documentation is available?

For any donation exceeding $250, the purchaser will receive a copy of their donation agreement, a year-end tax letter, and if needed by their tax consultant, a copy of the appraisal and an opinion letter.

How is the burial right value established?

The burial right value is computed at $1855 per right of interment plus the cost to develop and construct the location in the cemetery, based upon an appraisal provided to CFCS by L.F. Sloane Consulting Group.

When isn’t it deductible?

CFCS cannot determine the deductibility for an individual. Typically, if an individual files an itemized tax return they may be eligible for a deduction, but they should consult their tax advisor.

What if I am on a payment plan?

CFCS will compute the amount of the donation that is applicable to the tax year in which it was paid. This amount will be sent to the donor annually. The gift portion is non-refundable.

What if I wish to return my burial location?

Please consult the cancellation and return policy. Due to the tax consequences a deductible donation is non-refundable; however, the purchaser may resell their burial location to a third party. The transfer of these burial rights will not be recognized by CFCS unless the purchaser follows the transfer policy.

What if I made a purchase prior to 2010?

In some instances, CFCS may be able to assist a family with receiving a tax deduction for their purchase of burial rights prior to 2010. However, a burial cannot have taken place and the price and location of the burial rights must qualify for a gift amount. In applicable cases the purchase will have to be returned and re-issued as a new agreement as a tax deduction can only be taken in the current tax year and cannot be applied retroactively.