Message from the Bishop

” The Catholic Funeral Rites for a deceased loved one are a time for family and friends to remember, and to grieve and pray for someone who is dear to us. Through the Rites we commend the beloved deceased to the merciful hands of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. The Catholic Rites are comprised of three separate and vital parts. The Vigil, Funeral Mass and the Committal. Through these sacred and solemn Catholic Rites, the family and friends of the deceased are reminded of the companionship and support of Christ and all believers. The words and rituals of the Church are the voice and the hands of Christ guiding us to the pastures of his tender mercy. “

Catholic Funeral Rites

The Catholic Rites in the Order of Christian Funerals are a celebration of faith
that enable loved ones to focus on the promise of everlasting life and the hope of Eternal Resurrection in Christ.

There are three distinct Rites. 

Each Rite serves an important purpose in guiding family and friends through loss, grief, and the journey of healing.