Legacy of Faith Program

When you purchase cemetery property from any of our Catholic Cemeteries you may be eligible for a tax deduction based on the value of the property you select. As a non-profit founded in faith, we are able to offer our families this unique opportunity to help our ministry while potentially providing a tax deduction.

Funds raised by CFCS Legacy of Faith Program will be used:

  • To support the Ministry of the Bishop of Sacramento
  • To support the Diocese’s religious ministry in the Diocese to proclaim and evangelize the Roman Catholic faith; Catholic education, religious formation
  • To support vital social services to the poor
  • To ensure that funds are available to maintain, improve, and expand Catholic Cemeteries in the Diocese, Endowment care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work?

When you purchase cemetery property you will be making a donation to the Legacy of Faith Program. This donation, which may be tax deductible is the amount above the appraised value of each grave, crypt or niche you purchase.

Who does the Legacy of Faith Program support?

The fund supports the good works of the Bishop of Sacramento as well as community organizations. Monies are also set aside for the care and preservation of the Catholic Cemeteries.

Contact a Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services representative today for more information.
*CFCS does not provide tax or legal advice of any kind in connection with the Legacy of Faith Program.