Supporting Our Community

gathering-of-familyCatholic Funeral & Cemetery Services of Sacramento is a charitable organization serving the Diocese of Sacramento. As a ministry of the Catholic Church, we provide funeral and cemetery services, as well as educational outreach to parishes and caregiver organizations.

Our goal is to provide guidance and wisdom on end-of-life services. While we do charge for our services we are committed as a Ministry to offer innovative programs that provide financial assistance, and programs to meet the needs of our faith community.

“We are the heirs of a rich tradition in the Church, which has provided beautiful and powerful rites of passage for us as we commend to God those we love at their passing. What many of us cannot put into words is expressed so remarkably in our ceremonies and rituals. Our Catholic Cemeteries provide us with the added blessing of gathering on holy ground where the living meet the dead, crossing that mysterious divide between time and eternity.”

Bishop Soto